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How Long is the Course?

The course is taught one day per month for 7 months after which students attend an examination day. The complete course including exams take 1 year.

How is the Course Taught?

Visual learning aids, lectures and tutorials are used to teach the theory side of Anatomy & Physiology.

Course Requirements

Students need to bring pens, paper, coloured pencils and clear, puched plastic wallets for course notes. Neat and tidy notes are mandatory and are counted towards the final mark.

The course is assessed by:

  • Full attendance of the course 50 hours tutor contact
  • Theoretical examination 3 hour duration
  • Background reading is expected throughout the course
  • Continual assessment through assignment work

Home Study

An integral part of the course is time spent in home study. An important feature of this certificate course is the continuous assessment and support of the students. The school expects a high level of student commitment throughout the course, both in and out of school.


At the end of the course, candidates will sit a 3-hour theory paper in Anatomy & Physiology.


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Apprendimento rapido delle lingue!

On Satisfactory completion of the course the successful candidate will be presented with an IEB Certificate in Anatomy & Physiology.  He/she will also receive a Certificate from The Sue Lincoln School of Holistic Therapies.

Course Fees

The Anatomy & Physiology course, including handouts, student Workbook, and exam fee is £420.00 (deposit £100).  For your convenience, the Anatomy & Physiology fees can be paid for in instalments.










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